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Responsive Web Design

About the Podcast

These are all the episodes related to Financial services in the Responsive Web Design Podcast.

(If you’d like, you can peruse the entire podcast archive.)

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  1. Episode 23: PayPal

    Bill Scott and Mausami Dave-Shah from PayPal implemented a lean development methodology, which treats responsive web design as the foundation for their products in 203 countries.

    Listen to the episode or read the transcript

  2. Episode 16: Nationwide

    Do people really look at their retirement plan website on their phone? Kevin Ackley and Brian Greene from Nationwide explain that responsive design provided support for the significant population of customers coming from mobile devices, improved collaboration between UX, IT, & business stakeholders, and led a major industry research group to give them top rankings.

    Listen to the episode or read the transcript

  3. We’re back with Capital One for the second episode in a two-part series. Rob Huddleston and Brian Dillon dig into the implementation details, explaining how a component CMS and modular design system helped them deliver a complete responsive redesign.

    Listen to the episode or read the transcript

  4. In a very special two-part episode, we talk to the team at Capital One that pulled off a complete responsive redesign in just two months. In this first part, Rob Huddleston and Scott Childs explain how their goal was to serve the 96 percent of users who abandoned their m-dot site.

    Listen to the episode or read the transcript

  5. Episode 3: Fidelity

    With 2.5 million daily users, Fidelity is one of the most heavily used financial services websites. Steve Turbek and Brian Hurley tell us how rolling out a responsive redesign in beta is helping them test multiple iterations and learn from user feedback.

    Listen to the episode or read the transcript

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